Dee Snider

Dee Snider-For The Love Of Metal Review

Dee Snider - For The Love of Metal.jpg

The metal legend is back with a new solo album, and boy does it kick some serious ass.

It starts with the furious pounding of Lies Are A Business, a real rocker,with some monstrous riffage, Dee Snider snarls, sounding like a pissed off politician, a fitting sound. Tomorrow’s No Concern pounds and snarls, another absolute belter, Dee Snider continues sounding pissed off, and the feel of the song reflects that. I Am The Hurricane is slower, filled with sadness, anger, and rage, it slithers and grooves, Snider’s vocals really shine through on this. American Made pounds, with rock and roll energy, the song is pure balls. Roll Over You thumps, snarls, grooves and spits, ensuring that nobody forgets just where Dee Snider came from. I’m Ready bounces, punches and is downright anthemic.

Running Mazes is another classic rocker from the legend, pounding, spit balling, and absolutely chaotic. Mask is just as it says on the tin, filled with energy, pounding, snarling and slithering, there’s a hidden anger throughout the album but this song really captures it. Become The Storm is high octane, fist pumping, head banging outrageous metal, it really grooves, and Snider snarls and screams his anger out. The Hardest Way swaggers, the riffs are catchy and infectious and the vocals are really just ferocious. Dead Hearts is slower, more reflective, with the acoustic guitar providing a bit of a reprieve, the vocals are harmonious and thoughtful. For The Love Of Metal is pounding, grooving and a gallop, energetic and metal to the core, a brilliant way to round up the album.

This absolute masterpiece is out on 27th July via Napalm Records, be sure to get it!