Deathstorm-Reaping What Is Left Review


Death Thrash metal band Deathstorm are back with another killer record. Starting with the sci-fi inspired The Reaping the band create the sense of horror that is looming just there beyond the horizon. Agent of Dismay is pure aggression, the guitars thump along whilst the drums beat themselves bloody, a classic take on a classic genre. Predatory Kill is just that, predatory, furious and headbang worthy, there will be moshpits when this song is played live.

Ossuary Darkness is next, dark, deep and foreboding, the song continues where Predatory Kill left off, it is a fitting creation of evil and menace. Hallowed Ground is rampant, a mix of Slayer and early Megadeth in its onslaught. By Sword, By Pick, By Axe is brutal, a rampage through the senses and a song that is sure to get a lot of people moshing.

Unholy Lamentations is heavily Reign in Blood Inspired, the guitars carry a similar weight and phrasing to them, and as such the song is equally as epic. A swagger makes sure that this will go down in memory as a classic. G.R.I. is heavy, intimidating and something truly ferocious, it is big and bold. Dying Insane is jungle thrash, the rhythms the riffs all of it combines into an unholy cocktail.

Be sure to get the record out on 25th May via High Roller Records.