Deadly Carnage

Deadly Carnage-Through The Void, Above The Suns Review

Deadly Carnage Cover art.jpg

Quantum begins proceedings, with an echo, creating a haunting and almost terrifying scene for the listener, one can tell that things are about to get quite dark. Matter comes in with the droning guitar riffs, the fierce pounding of the drums and a snarl that lets the listener know that things are going to get heavier from here. Hyle moves with some swagger, it grooves and shakes whilst retaining its absolute heaviness. Cosmi is slower, darker and filled with the sort of anger that one would expect from a thrash metal band. Lumis is pounding, snarling and dark.

Ifene is an interesting song, it veers from one edge to another, showing some time and interesting melodies as things progress. Fractals is another song that veers from one edge to another, taking time and space with it. Divide is brutal, a monstrous riff followed by the chaotic and free flowing melodies. Entropia is dark and brooding, a fitting ending to the album.

The album is out 15th October via Snow Wave Records.