Dead Shape Figure

Dead Shape Figure-Cacoethes Review


The intro is slightly orchestral, with the synth and the strings providing a very melodic interlude to the beginning of what promises to be carnage. The Last Of The Bearing Beats starts with a choir, creating an ominous feel, and then the guitars kick in with something fast, furious and downright monstrous. The vocals are snarling and a middle finger to the sky, brutal. Switchblade Storm is thundering in its continuity, bringing headbanging riffs and some brutal vocal work to the fore, ensuring that there is something there for everyone. Bolt of Chaos and Creation has a slow mid tempo, head bang worthy riff, slithering through and bringing the jauntiness of the vocals forward, ensuring the listener has plenty to get going on. For Further Loss is sharp, focused and jagged. The riffs slither and dance through the song, whilst the vocals serve as a rallying cry to any and all.

Liberticide is a mix of snaking brutality, and clear melodic focus, an interesting song on an album filled with interesting songs. Strange Light Pulsate is fast and ferocious bringing something serious and ordinate toward the listener, forcing them to focus and really pick out the intricate snake like riffs and vocal lines. In No Esteem is pure heaviness, from the riffs, to the rhythm pattern to the vocals. For The Sullen Souls is epic, the guitars shiver and shake, the vocals snarl, and all round everything matches perfectly.

The album is out on June 8th via Inverse Records.