Dawn Of Winter

Dawn Of Winter-Pray For Doom Review

“A Dream Within A Dream,” brings things firmly into perspective. The riffs are slow, the melodies are dark, and the world shatters under the weight of it all. “The Thirteenth Of November,” is somewhat anthemic, keeping things within the framework of Doom Metal originality and also darkening the wings of time. “Woodstock Child,” slowly speeds things up, whilst at the same time, darkening the edge and making hell break loose. “The Sweet Taste of Ruin,” is firm and enchanting, taking turns here and there, whilst ensuring the world burns.

“Pray For Doom,” dark and foreboding, with the acoustic melodies filtering through and ensuring that the world is filled with some haunting images. “The Orchestra Bizarre,” comes rattling in off the back of an emphatic riff, and never quite lets go of the listener’s throat. “Paralysed By Sleep,” is dark, grim and something else, that nobody can quite put their finger on. It changes with the wind and swings around. “Father Winter,” is slow, moving and ominous.

The album is out on 7th December via I Hate Records.