Darkest Color

Darkest Color-Deal With Pain Review


Hailing from Greece, Darkest Color were alive and kicking during the thrash metal heyday of the late eighties and early nineties, before circumstances forced them to split. They have reunited and their new album Deal With Pain contains some legendary material.

Starting with Darkest Color a mix of groove, outright demonic speed and growling vocals, the band set a high template for the rest of the record. Politician is a blistering diatribe against the current crop of world leaders, and the music sends the right message, fast, furious and downright aggressive. Deal With Pain is headbang worthy and ensures that there is no space left for standing still, the listener has to move.

Jesus Christ is thumping, heavy and melancholic the perfect bridge between the first three tracks and the rest of the album. Immaculate Conception is furious and anthemic, sure to get the crowd going with its solid guitar riffs and driving beat. Slam Dance is the song for the mosh pit. Brilliant and brutal, the perfect blend of thrash and groove.

Sea of Blood is relentless, the riffs are brutal, and the vocals even more so, the perfect penultimate song.  The End (Black End) is haunting and ethereal, with the heaviness kicking in at the right moment the perfect closing song. Death or Glory, the cover of a great song by Holocaust, brings the album to a close, well done, a fitting close to the album.

Be sure to purchase the record when it is released on 4th May via No Remorse Records.