Cultural Warfare

Cultural Warfare-Warmaggedon Review

Warmaggedon kicks things off, with a solid thumping one-two of pounding thrash metal. From the riffs which punish the listener with absolute precision, to the vocals which snarl and growl. A brilliant opener. Divided We Crawl continues the urgency found on the opener, providing some absolute monstrous riffs and choruses. G.O.D comes soaring in, off the back of a flitting riff, and some dark edged vocals, truly filled with energy and precision. Eyes Of The Land continues the theme found on earlier songs, producing a master class in how to groove and shake. Two Spirits is slower, thoughtful, with haunting melodies. Politikill picks things up again, snarling into life with a double team of piercing vocal lines and snarling riffs.

Scars Left Cold shifts, shimmers and snarls to life, providing apt darkness and metal power. Punished is a slow monster, backed up by a grooving and almost intimidating  riff. Witches Prayer dances on the back of a slanting riff, and some sharp focus and barrelling guns. Shadow Priest will get moshpits going when performed life, dancing around like a mad man. Blood Machines snarls, shifts and turns about like a song on a mission. New Beginnings closes out with an instrumental.

The album is a masterpiece, be sure to get it when it is released on September 14th via M-Theory Audio.