Crematory-Oblivion Review


They are legends, they have set the standard for gothic metal, and now they are back with their fourteenth album. Ladies and Gentlemen, I present Crematory. A band known for their epic music adventures, and their journey into the world of fantasy, real life and everything else under the sun.

Expectation is a haunting intro. Salvation is a determined riff driven song that makes the listener want to headbang and find their inner demon. Ghost of the Past allows for some interesting vocal and guitar duelling. Whilst Until the Dawn is a mix of ballad and cynical, heaviness incarnate. Four songs in, and it is clear as day that Crematory are down to business.

Revenge Is Mine is as heavy as the name suggests. Wrong Side moves between downright sinister, to soulful and melodic. Stay With Me brings the thunder, showing off the beautiful vocals of Felix Stass. For All of Us is a mix of beautiful melodies and jagged riffs and rhythms.  Halfway through the album and once again the band shows that they mean business, there has not been a single bad song on the record.

The final quarter of the album is filled with genuine gothic metal gems. Immortal is anthemic, and will go down a treat live. Oblivion is heaviness simplified and renewed for a new atmosphere. Cemetery Stillness will become a Gothic Metal Classic. Blessed varies the pace a little, whilst Demon Inside is a rager.

With this record Crematory have shown that they mean business, that they have not forgotten the lessons of the past, and that they are as good, if not better than any of their competitors out there today. This is a bonafide Gothic Metal classic. Be sure to check it out when it is released on 13th April, via SPV Steamhammer.