Costas Varras

Costas Varras- Neon Classical Review


“The Swedish King,” comes in with a fast paced tremolo and triplet riff before breaking out into an absolute monster of a song. “Rise,” a fast anthem song that delivers power and spirit. “Burning Bridges,” slower, more eighties rock and roll with soaring vocals. “Hollywood After Midnight,” sweeps in with epic flare and steel. “Revenge,” keeps things interesting, thundering with guns and changing the tone and pace here and there. “Neon Classical,” is a shift away from the norm, changing with the beat and pace. “Kayko,” a song that slithers through and builds in intensity.

“Point Of No Return,” is a snarling grit filled monster, bringing edge and bite to everything that comes and goes. “Mighty Warrior,” is a metal masterpiece. “Paganini On The Subway,” a song that shifts and swims with tenderness. “Freedom,” a powerful and moving number. “Fallen Hero,” a song that grooves and grits with the best of them. “Till We Meet Again,” a song that shifts and changes with the tide.

The album is released via Symmetric Records.