Coroner-No More Colour Review


No More Colour was a brilliant album when it was originally released in 1989, and now twenty-nine years later, the album has been reissued.

With the pounding of the drums and the chaotic frenzy provided by the rhythm section, and the absolute madness of the guitar riffs, the opening song Die By My Hand is delivered as a thunderbolt to bring common sense and the end to all. No Need To Be Human is a fast gallop, a mesh through time and space as it surmises the human condition, the guitars are fierce and the vocals are furious. Read My Scars is a jagged journey through numerous time stamps, filled with swagger. D.O.A is a journey through epic thrash metal, the kind that would make Anthrax proud. It brings serious heaviness to the fore with the riffs and the drums beating into one another.

Mistress of Deception is fast, filled with swagger and with pinpoint accuracy on the riffs. Tunnel of Pain contains a bass and guitar riff off, and as such is filled with class and accuracy that would inspire the greatest of moshpits. Why It Hurts is pure thrash, from the riffs which move quickly, to the drums which pound on a rhythm, to the vocals which are sharp. Last Entertainment is an epic journey through the mind of a madman, and one that is sure to bring much delight to those listening once more.

The reissue shows why this album is regarded as such a classic. Be sure to get it when it is released on 18th May via Century Media Records.