Conan-Existential Void Guardian Review


Prosper On The Path delivers some absolutely quality doom metal, the riffs and the drum beats are in tune with one another perfectly, they deliver carnage and monstrosity perfectly. Eye To Eye To Eye is another monster of a song, producing riff after riff which would fit well within the classic metal pantheon. Panicantation is another song that just stands and delivers, producing heaviness galore. Amidst the Infinite continues from there, slabs of metal offered with grace and panache. Volt Thrower is another snarling monster, producing riff after riff, and vocal hook after vocal hook.

Vexxagon is another song that shifts the boundaries, grooving with sludge. Eternal Silent Legend does something similar, changing and chopping through bits and pieces. Total Conquest performed live delivers energy and grit. Satsumo is another rocker when performed live. Foehammer continues this trend, shifting and twisting. Hawk As Weapon closes things off nicely.

The album is out on 14th September via Napalm Records.