Coldbound-The Gale

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Starting with the haunting and reflective 61, Coldbound set things up to be quite fascinating for the listener, as they are lulled into thinking this might be a softer, lighter album. The moment the guitars kick in and the ferocity becomes apparent, it is clear they were wrong. The Invocation is slow, grounding, heavy and brutal, with the riffs bringing things to an interesting mix of destruction and rebuilding. Endurance Through Infinity is big on the heavy riffs, and the sweltering destruction in the vocals. My Solace is slower and slightly more melodic, with the guitars bringing a calming edge, ensuring the listener can catch their breath. Title track The Gale is big, broad and furious, with staccato riffs and tremolo picking, the vocals roar and growl.

The Eminent Light is a slower, more thoughtful, epic song that takes shifts and turns and makes them something original and dark in a manner that has never been touched upon before. Winters Unfold, is dark, harmonious and a double stop with the guitars singing and the guttural vocals soaring. Shades Of Myself is going to be a live favourite, with audiences getting the chance to move with the music. Towards The Weeping Skies is simply epic, with darkness unfolding at every turn, and a lighter side hinting at itself within the melodies and the choruses.

The album will be released on 10th June via Moonlight Productions.