Cold Colours

Cold Colours-Northernmost Review


“Northernmost I,” a slow haunting song that builds to the chaos that is to come. “Nightmare,” a song that carries weight and precision and some ungodly riffs. “A Life Forlorn,” comes with some groove and power. “Northernmost II,” another mixing of blends and capacity. “From This Pain,” aggression heavy this way lies, brutally executed. “Spirit,” a song that ventures beyond the norm, shifting in and out of temperant zones here and there.

“Northernmost III,” a song that echoes previous sentiments but removes some excess baggage with haunting melodies. “Terminal Winter,” a song that resounds with aggression and anger. “Heaven,” is as heaven does. “Northernmost IV,” a song that flies within the bounds and then occasionally escapes them for a fleeting moment. “The Parting,” a song that delivers bounds and leaps, and the odd bit of anger. “The Pale Heart,” closes things with defiance and rage.

The album is out on 22nd February.