Chevalier-Destiny Calls

“Introduction,” is ethereal, and transparent a great way to start things off. “The Immurement,” comes in pounding with some ferocious beats, and delivers some simply insane melodies to compliment things. “The Curse of the Dead Star,” shifts and shimmers, psychedelic in parts whilst also fomenting the rage in others. “Road of Light,” shifts and roars, backed by a solid line riff, with some massive grooves. “As The Clouds Gather,” slows things down, but then adds more harmony and texture to the overtly complex structure.

“Stormbringer,” is ethereal, and delivers this mighty push and shove, which pushes things into overdrive. Delivering a smashing and grabbing performance of eclectic proportions. “In The Grip Of The Night,” comes out with changing melodies and procedures, slowly ensuring the listener gets hooked into the lightning rod. “Prelude To The End,” is a medieval treat, showing the listener just how deep the pockets are. “A Warrior’s Lament,” is pounding, ferocious and rage filled. “Outro,” slowly delivers the whirlwind on the back of a solid acoustic melody.

The album is out on 26th April via Gates of Hell Records.


Chevalier-Chapitre II Review

The Messenger starts things off with a clean guitar intro, producing some sense of anticipation, the bass comes in next with a thumping line, the distortion can be heard in the background, and the listener knows things are about to kick off. When they do kick off, it comes with a thunderous riff, and a pounding melody, a perfect start. Wrath Of Steel is thunderous as well, producing some interesting melodies and riffs, and slaying all around.

The Curse Of The Dead Star moves slowly, jagged riffs and thundering bass grooves littered throughout, adding a sense of destruction and chaos to all that unfolds. The speed and shredding capabilities of the band are fully explored as the song veers from side to side. Fly High, cover of the legendary Brocas Helm song is an exercise in melody and groove and sheer insanity.

The album is out on 21st September via Gates of Hell Records.


Chevalier-A Call To Arms


Chevalier embodies old-fashioned speed metal with a smattering of Judas Priest involved. Under the Sceptre starts with howling wind, and the monstrous voice of something far and beyond, it then moves into an all out assault of guitars and drums and screeching vocals that hit the listener hard. The Sorcerer has a humming intro, haunting and melancholic and then moves into fast riffage, that shows off the talent of guitarists Tommi and Mikko. This is followed by the battering of Awakening, flying guitar solos and aggressive drums.

Chevalier contains the same monstrous voice of Under the Sceptre, and it continues the similar vain, with pure brutality in the riffs and the speed, and the vocals. An onslaught of the best kind. Ride for Revenge has a Judas Priest feel to it with the riffs reminding one of Heading Out The Highway. The vocals are just as epic, if not slightly short of the mark in some regards. Defenestration is a thrash attack and a fitting closer to the record.

Be sure to purchase this album when it is released on 27th April via Gates of Hell Records.