Centauro-Dano Colateral Review

Centauro Album Cover.jpg

It starts with the brutal onslaught of IDS, with the jagged riffs, beating a pulsating heart into the listener’s ears. It continues with Sentencia De Muerte with its harmonic lead introduction, mixing together with some sharp and precise riffs, the vocals soar, and the drums pound together. Colmando brings the sharpness of previous songs and twists with some brutal focus, the vocals snarl their way to the top. En Decandencia is slower, the bass introduction providing the perfect flavour for some harmonious riffage later on in the song. Al Pie Del Borde is sharp, minor and piercing, bringing a sense of urgency to the fore.

El Derecho Del Martir is filled with darkness, fast and furious riffs, and a sharp biting tone to get the crowd moving. Aberrante Creacion is fast, breaking through the sound barrier with the speed of its riffs and the movement of its creations. The vocal line is impressive. Extenuante Cometido, is slow and heavy, bringing sharp and piercing riffs and an incredibly harsh vocal line to the fore. Impulso Terminal is biting, the riffs are giantesque and the form on the vocals is simply perfect. Delirio is a bass jangle with a moshpit inducing riff thrown in for good measure, the perfect finisher.

The album is out on 30th June and is available through the band’s website.