Celtachor-Fiannaíocht Review


A concept album about legendary Irish hero Finn of Fiana sounds like a brilliant well from which to draw ideas from. And that is proven right on this album.

Sons of Morna is the brilliant introduction that an album like this needs, with a melodic lead intro, and then a thumping drum and guitar accompaniment as the vocals tell the story, the listener knows they are in for a treat. Kings of Tara brings some traditional Irish music into the melody and creates a festive atmosphere as the story unfolds once more. Tuiren is haunting, melancholic and dark, a perfect way to ensure the listener remains hooked. The Search for Sadbh is thoughtful and reflective, the acoustic guitars do credit to the band and the direction they are leaning, the vocals are haunting, in an early Bathory style.

Caoilte, is fast and frenetic, the sense of adventure, of something about to happen is built brilliantly within the song, and the band are pulling the listener further into the story. Great Ships Came From Over The Waves begins with traditional wind instruments of Ireland, painting the scene and continuing down the traditional theme done very well, in order to set the scene. The Battle On The Shore is melancholic, sad, but also with a hint of hope included as well. Tears of Aoife is sad, the instrumentation reflect this and the listener feels her pain.

Cauldron of Plenty is dark and heavy, the guitars are brutal as are the vocals, a change of pace, signalling the climax is approaching. Dubh, Dun Agus Liath the finale is a mix of heaviness, melody, and the summary of the album, a brilliant closer.

Be sure to get this album when it is released on 20th April via Trollzorn.