Carrion-Time To Suffer Review


Hailing from Ghent, Belgium, Carrion are a brutal four piece, that bring new meaning to the death metal community. So It Begins, is a distorted introduction, brimming with heaviness, and everything spicy that tempts the listener into preparing for an onslaught. An onslaught that comes with Mutilation which is fast, ferocious and downright terrifying. Supreme is thrashy, a monstrous song that builds into the decimation of the human spirit, as fitting the album cover. Urge is discordant, sending chills up a person’s arm, and creating a sense of frenzy and chaos that seems unrivalled. Plague of Men is heavy and downright terrifying with the vocals sounding demonic, and the guitars reflecting brutality.

Gingergrind is fast, the guitars play out an interchanging melody, a dance of sorts, that creates all sorts of interesting melodies and intentions. Deep From Deep Within is haunting, chaotic, and somewhat all over the place, in a manner that builds confidence whilst also making the listener wait for the next big turn. Torment is straight death metal, brutal and outright mosh worthy. Death Sanity is a mix of brutality and careful selection into the abyss, the guitars with their discordant interchange, create a sense of chaos, confusion and downright energy. In The End There Is Only Death is frantic, and monstrous, a fitting closer to the record.

Be sure to get the album when it is released on 22nd June via Mighty Music.