Carnal Forge

Carnal Forge- Gun To Mouth Salvation


Sweden’s thrash metal titans make their return with this absolutely bone crunching record.

“Parasites,” is a ballsy and crushing riff pounding extravaganza that reflects the best of thrash metal. “Reforged,” another slamming song, with some furious fret work, making it a stand out of the scene. “Aftermath,” does not let up, it brings the thunder in great bursts of energy and light, taking things to the next level. “Endless War,” is chaotic and frenetic. “Bound In Flames,” is a slower number that works its way into a frenzy, bringing some insane riffs and melodies to the fore. “King Chaos,” a snarling, riff monster.

“The Order,”  a painstaking, and metallic monster of a song that weaves within and without. “Hellride,” moves as one through the time and the pain, bringing chaos and energy. “State of Pain,” includes some fascinating riff breakdowns. “Sin Feast Paradise,” another tormenting riff maker. “The Stench,” brings the energy and the game.

The album is out on 25th January via Vicisolum Prod