BUS-Never Decide Review


“You Better Come In, You Better Come Down,” a distorted sludge fest, an interesting opening and a song that gets the listener’s attention. “The Hunt,” soars and is eclectic, bringing some fascinating melodies and lines to the fore. “I Buried Paul,” begins off softly, but soon moves into overdrive. “Lucifer,” is Sabbath writ large, with huge melodies and thumping chords. “First Life Suicide,” a driving melodic punch.

“Moonchild,” a rip roaring number, bringing about pace and aggression. “Into the Night,” another song that drives the day, with energy and collective power. “Evil Eyes,” another barnstormer. “Dying,” snarls into being and doesn’t let go. “This King,” harmonies galore, an epic number.

The album is out on 1st March via Riding Easy.