Burial In The Sky

Burial In The Sky-Creatio Et Hominus

The second album from this Pennsylvania metal band kicks off with an absolute growler. Nexus is slow, momentum building and haunting. Tesla kicks in and is furious, snarling, and huge. With frenetic riffs, and pounding driving groove, something that would bring the crowd to rapturous applause. Nautilus Cage is slower, slightly more psychedelic whilst combining thrash grooves, a song that is sure to get people moving, with hints of Gojira. The Pivotal Flame is really something shaking with heaviness, and then going full jazz in the middle section, a stand out song for sure.

Psalms Of The Deviant, is a jazzy metal number that combines groove with badassery and darkness. 5 Years is filled with swagger and groove moving through climbs with big slow riffs. Title track Creatio et Hominus is atmospheric, growling, thumping and monstrous all at once.

The album is out on June 1st via the band’s website here: https://burialintheskytheband.bandcamp.com/album/creatio-et-hominus