Bunker 66

Bunker 66- Chained Down In Dirt Review


BUNKER 66 - Chained Down in Dirt  LP

Bunker 66 were formed in 2007, and their sound is distinctive, a mix of thrash, punk, post punk, and death metal, they’ve inspired a legion of followers. Through various EP and LP releases they’ve managed to show that they are the real deal, and their third album Chained Down In Dirt, is a welcome addition to this collective.

The opening song on this eight-song album, is Satan’s Countess. An intense galloping head banging song, filled with big choruses and growling vocals, it is the perfect opener for the album and the perfect signal of things to come. Black Steel Fever, is solid, heart pumping and driving, bringing big rhythms and riffage to the scene, alongside Satan’s Countess it is a song that deserves a live airing. Chained Down In Dirt, the title track from the album brings memories of punk, specifically the Misfits, big double bass, hardcore riffs and an absolute belter of a song. Taken Under The Spell has some serious chops to it as well, the growls here are some of the best on the record.

Her Claws Of Death is an absolute stomper of a song, a song that would make the thrash collective beam with pride. It has to get a live airing when the time comes. Wastelands of Grey is another absolute belter of a headbanger, with big choruses that will stand out perfectly live. Power of the Black Torch contains solid riffage and heavy growls, that would make some death metal bands quiver in fear. Evil Wings, the final song on the album has a riding rhythm, a shredding solo and has the echoes of a solid closer, a fitting end to an interesting album.

Bunker 66 have got themselves a new fan with this album, the songs are all noteworthy for their own individual reasons and bring a fresh look toward the metal scene, most definitely an album worth exploring and purchasing. 9/10.