Bullet-Dust To Gold Review

Bullet, who hail from Växjö, were formed in 2001 by vocalist Hell Hofers and guitarist Hampus Klang, who recalls that“The heroes of our teenage years were AC/DC, Judas Priest, Saxon, Accept, Rose Tattoo and Motörhead.”

Starting from a blitzkrieg with Speed and Attack which has the kick and bite of something truly classic from the eighties, Bullet show they mean business. Ain’t Enough is another monster speed song, bringing the screaming of Hell Hofers and the rip-roaring riffs to the fore. Rogue Soldier has swagger, guitarists Lyrbo and Klang bring the metal to the party, and Hofers brings his best vocal performance of the album so far. This seems like a real anthem. Fuel Fire has the heavy riffs that Rose Tattoo would adore, and it has the melodic sensibilities of Judas Priest, a real groovy number.

One More Round is a sonic one two punch, bringing riffs that wouldn’t be out of place on a Judas Priest record, Bullet are wearing their influences on their sleeves here. Highway Love, sounds like Motorhead circa Orgasmatron, big fat riffs and a solid drum line. The vocals are on point, and this is sure to be a groovy one when played live. Wildfire is Rose Tattoo and AcDc in one interesting mix, ballsy, and solid, a great song which would go well with the classic AcDc music videos from the eighties.  Screams in the Night is fast and heavy, mixing the volume with sharp riffs and breaks that allow Hofers to shine through.

Forever Rise starts with harmonised guitars and continues with the epicness that that initial harmony creates. There is something beautiful about harmonised guitars. Hofers creates the epic feeling with his vocals and the lyrics. The Prophecy is a short instrumental track that builds anticipation in the listener drawing them toward the conclusion something awesome is about to happen. Hollow Grounds with the build up from The Prophecy matches that perfectly. Solid riffs, big and bombastic vocals, a sure winner.  Dust to Gold the title track is also the final track, it has the sort of feeling that Rock n Roll Ain’t Noise Pollution had all those years ago. A fitting tribute to the album and rock in general.

Dust To Gold is a superb album packed full of hits, and songs that deserve a solid playing live. The album comes out on April 20th, via SPV/Steamhammer. Be sure to buy it!