Building Chaos

Building Chaos-Bourbon Times Review

Blink Of The Eye is heavy on riffs and good times, producing a pounding, headbanging rhythm, an infectious start. Blood Boil is western filtered, with the classic rhythm s and the desert sandstorm on the horizon. California Love, a cover of a gangster classic, is metalled up to number ten, perfect. D.O.W.N is another masterpiece in riff crafting, brilliant. Heavy Chains is another rocker, and brutal at that. Let The River Bear Your Bones is southern drenched metal at its best.

Ritual keeps things turning, heavy and southern mixing together to produce a masterpiece. Snakefang is another song that mixes melodies and rhythm to produce a blinding masterpiece. Texas Jack Reed broods and erupts in equal measure. The Hunt is a fast paced master rocker, with everything in it. The King Is High is another rocker, with grudge, sludge and metal. Until The End is a fitting rock and roll closer.