Bolu2Death-Spiral Review


It starts with the build of 0, a shifting synth based song that gets the blood pumping, the hair standing on the back of one’s neck. It continues with Nace, Crece Y Muere, a song that sounds straight out of Korn’s back catalogue, with distorted break downs, pinched harmonics and chaotic vocals. We Bleed, We Fight is jungle groove, with big slow charging riffs, and a bit of the Nu Metal sound that was so very popular some years ago. Smells Like 90’s Spirit varies between slow and thoughtful and dark and heavy, a collection that goes down quite well. Todo Y Nada is distorted paradise, slow, driving riffs and a pounding sludgefest. Forgiveness is anthemic, and a song that is sure to get the crowd singing along when played live. Vortice is slower, more thoughtful a song that provides breathing room.

I am Doomed is distorted, and pounding, the bass brings back memories of Sepultura during their glory days, the song is an anthem that is sure to get people moving. Los de Arriba is dark, with the acoustic guitar intro serving as a reminder of what the band is capable of, the slow distorted rhythms that follow keep that impression going. Statues is slower, more thoughtful, the vocals take the lead here, shaping the discourse with accuracy and pain. Bury Yourself is filled with distorted rhythms, that make the song one of the easiest to move to. A.R.R is a slower more mournful song. Spiral’s acoustic intro belies the chaos and epicness of its heavier closing moments.

The album is out now via Necromance Records.