Body Harvest

Body Harvest- Parasitic Slavery

“The Wrath of Ra,” is haunting and developing. It moves with the tone and shifts into overdrive very quickly. “Global Decimation,” kicks in with the blast beats and the raging anger. “Hierarchy of Grief,” moves as one. “Consumed By Tyrants,” is unstoppable rage and anger mixed into one. “Narcissistic Being,” takes things up an edge and down a notch.

“Parasitic Slavery,” grumbles and groans and rages. “The Prophet,” is heavy as fuck. A banging riff and some serious edge on board. “The Endless Ascent,” comes barrelling out with a one two bunch. “Darkness Descends,” finishes things off with a roaring ripper. “Apocalyptic Abomination,” really finishes things off.

The album is out on May 3rd via Comatose Music.