Bloodbound-Rise Of The Dragon Empire


Bloodbound are one of the hardest working bands in metal, they are also one of the greatest power metal bands to ever have emerged.

Their new album begins with the anthemic “Rise of the Dragon Empire,” which soars and gallops on the ring of fire. The melodies weave with one another and they produce something eternal. “Slayer of Kings,” is medieval, it is thought provoking and it is downright heavy. There is something epic about the introductory chant that just gets the listener going. “Skyriders and Stormbringers,” ventures forward with a brutal movement. It takes one turn and then another. It soars and sways with energy and grace. “Magical Eye,” is a sonnet of duelling intentions, producing something magical and epic. “Blackwater Bay,” produces some magical moments. Soaring into the air, and venturing into orchestral epicness. “Giants of Heaven,” a song and a half. It weaves its way into being and produces something else entirely, venturing one way and then another.

“The Warlock’s Trail,” is a soaring number, that produces some fascinating melodies and interplays. It veers one way and then another. Galloping rhythms lead the day and ensure that the listener is hooked. “A Blessing in Sorcery,” is another song that paints a picture. Venturing forth with energy and aggression, whilst mixing the tale together. “Breaking the Beast,” is another song that produces something energetic and chaotic. “Balerion,” moves with energy, power and privilege, it is a dark monster of a song. “Reign of Fire,” finishes things off, producing a well rounded smash and grab.

The album is out on 22nd March via AFM Records.