Blood Region

Blood Region-Tales Of The Backwoods Review

“Transcendence Into Magic,” is haunting, the perfect opener. “Phantom Lands,” comes in with a jagged riff, and some serious edge. It contains a heavy melodical contingent, and some downright anger. “Korpi Metal Riders,” is another thrashy masterpiece, that directs the listener’s attention and keeps it held pronto. “Through The Wolfwoods,” is haunting and in parts terrifying, a journey that takes multiple steps. “Kaiho,” an epic journey through the woods and winter, filled with acoustic flourishes and power moves.

“Mountain of White Fire,” stands tall and demands to be heard. Something that not a lot of other songs can be said to have done. Independently of the main album, this song in of itself could be a masterpiece. “The Oaken Passage,” is a song that delivers elements of hybrid fusion, Bringing acoustic melodies and hard metal licks to the fore. “Wahanca,” delivers acoustic sensibilites, and lulls the listener into feeling at peace. “Phoenix,” drives the darkness up several levels. “Waters Of Tohtaa,” delivers ephereal music in a setting of chaos and anger.

The album is out on 18th December.