Blitzkrieg-Loud and Proud

On the back of their highly successful album¬†Judge Not,¬†Blitzkrieg return with a new E.P. of songs that are sure to get people going, there are even a few cheeky surprises on there. "Loud and Proud," the title track for the EP has some seriously gnarly riffage to it. A thundering rhythm that encourages the listener... Continue Reading →

Blitzkrieg-Judge Not Review

Blitzkrieg is an institution, part of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal, they are one of the few bands from the movement that is still going in the modern day, and they have stayed true to their roots. Their new album Judge Not is their first in five years, and so the anticipation is... Continue Reading →

Blitzkrieg: Ken Johnson Interview

I had the pleasure of speaking to Ken Johnson, the guitarist from the heavy metal band Blitzkrieg about the band's new album, their career and their future plans: 1. How do you think the band's career has evolved since you started out in the 1970s? "Brian, our singer is the only original member of the... Continue Reading →

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