Blaze Out

Blaze Out-Instinct

Blaze Out

Catalonia’s finest are back with their new album Instinct and with this new record they are prepared to blaze into new territory.

“Toxic AF,” kicks things off with an interesting little tapping melody. It builds things up slowly, shifting and turning, twisting winds into being. The drums come pounding in shortly after, and the rhythm builds into something fascinating. As the vocals come in you get the sense that the band are going to seriously kick ass. “Attack On Titan,” continues this performance, starting off with a seriously sharp riff, it moves into overdrive producing something both fascinating and dark. “Savage Blue,” takes things to another level. Shifting and turning with precision whilst never quite allowing anything to be kept tame. “The Raise,” starts off slowly, before moving into epic territory, roaring into life. “Drunk Empire,” keeps things interesting, beating a path and twisting and turning.

“Evil Dead,” kicks things off nicely for the second half of the album. Blaze Out really are showing off their chops on this record. It shifts and turns, twisting within and without, bringing down and bleeding out, ensuring the listener is hooked from the get go. “Deadfall,” is slower, heavier and darker because of it, shifting the tenor and twisting within and without. “No More Fear,” twists and turns, bringing about something fascinating, bleeding in and out. “Face Your Scars,” grows on the wild, bringing about some fascinating riffs and some twisting and turning. “The Goliath’s Fall,” bleeds and turns, with shifting and turning movements, the vocals are beautifully executed.

The album is out on 17th May.