Blackwater Holylight

Blackwater Holylight Interview


1.     What inspired the name of the band and what are your influences?

The name of the band came together after the band tossed around a bunch of ideas back-and-forth. It was something that we all agreed on and liked the way it flowed and sound so we decided to stick with it! In terms of influences we are all influenced by many different things in life. We all listen to very different music and all lead different lives personally. But I’d say the biggest influences are all the ways in which we’ve grown and all the lessons we have learned coming into this band! 

2.     What inspired you to get into music?

For me personally (Sunny) It was just the longing to create art that meant something to me and meant something to the people around me. I guess it goes hand-in-hand with all of the art I’ve created, just wanting to make something that is meaningful to my life and can provide comfort to the people involved with it.

3.     Where do you find inspiration foyour songs?

We find inspiration for many different bands and tones that we all listen to ranging in many different genres. But mostly our songs are just about life and about womanhood and about being a female and a mostly male dominated industry. Our songs are about love and seduction, or songs are about struggling… I guess our biggest inspiration is life and lessons.

4.     What’s the process behind your songwriting?

Usually I come into the group with a baseline and lyrics as the basis of the song and then everyone writes their parts around what I wrote. Sometimes Laura the guitar player comes in with ideas but mostly it starts with bass in my vocal part and the girls from there. We all write her own parts and give ideas to each other for what we think could be cool.

5.     What songs are you looking forward to playing live?

All of them!

6     What plans dyou have for the future?

We are hoping to demo our next record this summer, maybe even get some solid recordings done. We’re also really looking forward to hitting the road and doing some touring wherever and whenever we can!

Blackwater Holylight

Blackwater Holylight-Blackwater Holylight Review


Hailing from Portland, Oregon, Blackwater Holylight have got something different about them, there are the traditional heavy music connotations thrown in with elements of folk, psychedelic and prog music. Songs such as Willow and Wave of Conscience are jazzy, epic and groovy all at the same time, not since early Sabbath has a band managed to achieve something this rocking at the same time. The vocals are chilling and would go down well at Winterland circa 1967. Babies is just as chilling, moving through the haunting vibrations of guitars, drones and psychedelic music that would make Hawkwind proud. Paranoia is an apt name for this song, with the shifting melodies the chaotic grooves and the haunting vocals.

Sunrise begins with the back and forth of the guitars building up as the drums kick in, the vocals take on the nursery rhythm, before kicking into gear. A blinder of a song. Slow Hole is truly psychedelic music, with elements of Floyd, Wishborne Ash and other greats thrown in over the haunting guitars and vocal lines. Carry Her is a mix of pop and straight up fudge, an interesting mixing. Jizz Witch with its brilliant name is a haunting, epic and heavy closer, throwing together, the haunting vocals of yore, the creeping riffs of Sabbath and the heaviness of Bluee Cheer.

This album is an interesting blend of new and old, and carries weight, expect great things from Blackwater Holylight, and be sure to get their album when it is released on 6th April via Riding Easy Records.