Black Swamp Water

Black Swamp Water-Distant Thunder Review


It starts with the southern tinge of banjo, the swamp, melancholy of Badlands, the feed continues until it fades and Bitter Harvest starts. Banjo riffs giveway to heavy headbang worthy riffs whilst the vocals soar and yell, producing a song that is sure to deliver a thud when performed live. Live Your Darkness starts off with a clean lick, mixed with some southern country, before speeding up and getting heavier into Epic with a capital E territory. The vocals are impeccable, the guitars are one fire and the song is downright brilliant. Rebellion starts with the guitar lick filtering through and dancing as the main riff courses through, headbanging grooves are produced as the anthem of the album is discovered. The End is is melancholic, heavy, and searching, the vocals produce something ethereal, the guitars filter things through, this is a song that will get people moving when performed live. The High Road is another soulful song, with searing guitar leads, epic vocals and a pounding performance, worthy of every award available.

You Disappear is softer, melancholic, with the acoustic guitar dominating the beginning of the song, when the vocals kick in, you get the sense that this is the song that will produce the most singalongs when performed live. On My Own is epic, the guitar riffs are simply astounding, filled with bombast and soul, the vocals soar and sear, the message filtering through in spits and spots. Defiance is slower, more clean, but with a bite that would make any decent listener get chills, the military drums add to that. As the guitars get distorted the heaviness grows. Rise is swagger, Down and Black Sabbath mixed together, filled with brutal riffs, and swaggering vocals, the perfect combination. Down For Good the closer, is fast, quick paced and filled with ZZ Top grooves, a fitting closer.

The album is a masterpiece and is out on 24th August via Mighty Music.