Black Rose

Black Rose-A Light In The Dark

Black Rose - A Light in the Dark

“Sands of Time,” brings about some interesting melodies and harmonies, producing some critical and brutal work. “Hear The Call,” is an old school rocker. It has the riffs and the motiffs to prove it. “Carry On,” is a jangling and galloping brutality mixed in with some intriguing vocal work. “We Come Alive,” a soaring and searing song with some fantastic fret work. “A Light In The Dark,” delivers the galloping intensity of the past, with some modern day panache.

“Web of Lies,” dances along the pathway, slowly and subtly changing and bringing with it some intriguing melodies and pathways. “Ain’t Over Til It’s Over,” is an old school rocker that keeps things light and entertaining. “Powerthrone,” fast, brutal and simply heavy. “Don’t Fear the Fire,” is heavy, and dark. “Love Into Hate,” continues the good work with a searing fret display.

The album is out now.