Black Mirrors

Black Mirrors-Look Into The Black Mirror Review


Shoes For Booze is chaotic, filled with fuzz drenched riffs, and soaring melodies, a true intro for the band. Funky Queen is a trip through body and soul, bringing nice melodies, soaring textures, and a pounding bass. Lay My Burden Down is grooving, filled with energy and rhythm, powering the song is a catchy riff, this is sure to be a concert favourite. Inner Reality is slower, more groove orientated with the bolstering of the vocals, adding depth to the song. Moonstone is a slow fudge, along the path of darkness, the vocals soar, the guitars growl, and everything slits nicely into place.

Gunther Kimmich is pounding, upright and feisty, adding a lot of depth to proceedings. Cold Midnight Drum shows why this band is going places, it shifts and turns with precise turn, the melodies and riffs are on point, everything simply flies together. Mind Shape is a rocker, backed by a seriously grooving riff, and mixed together with a solid core. Burning Warriors is a fitting closer, filled with energy and bounce, it takes the lead in changing boundaries and melding everything together.

This classic album is out on 31st August via Napalm Records, be sure to get it.