Black Lotus

Black Lotus-Sons Of Saturn Review

Kings is a monster of a song, built on the back of an absolutely solid riff, and a machine like intensity in the melodies and vocals, perfectly executed to ensure that the ground swells. Sandstorm drives through on high octane melodies, and a driving tenacity that creates chaos and confusion, but also a deep sense of awe. The Pyre is slower, more thoughtful, the guitars build along the melodies and the instrumentation soars and drives. Protective Fire is a monster, thumping riffs, and piercing vocals leading the way.

Taurobolium is a haunting shift through the desert winds. Sons of Saturn is built on a fat riff, driving the way, with piercing proffiency and ensuring that the listener does not forget just where the band hails from, there are trills and thrills, and all sorts of huge arrangements thrown into the mix. The Swamp starts off slowly, slowly building into a crescendo, based on the back of a seriously intimidating collection of riffs and melody. Return to Erebus is the finale.

The album is out on October 19th via Inverse Records.