Black Horizon

Black Horizon-Dark Light


“The Hunter,” comes in with the pounding of the drums and the syncopated riffs and really gives the listener the full treatment, ensuring that they aren’t going to be left wanting. “Obsession,” starts with the call to arms and then moves into some seriously thundering riffage. “Walking Close To Me,” is a good old riff and shake, bringing power and energy to the floor. “Freedom,” slows things down but brings the epic riffage to the fore.

“Howling Like A Wolf,” is a thunderous assault on the listener bringing all sorts of things into being, pushing the rope and tying the listener in knots. “I Wanna Stop,” brings the thundering roars of previous songs to the fore and dances around in a sleek pull. “Watching,” is furious and smashing. “Miles Away,” softer, more thoughtful and melodic.

The album is out on May 17th.