Black Cyclone

Black Cyclone-Death Is King Review

Hailing from Sweden, the thrash metal band have produced an absolute blinder of an album in the ominous Death is King, and this is a record that all thrash and speed metal fans must look at. It starts superbly with opening track Death is Crowned King, which is a lesson in speed metal, bringing deafening guitars, and solid vocals to the fore. This is followed by Hordes another monster of a song that moves through the speed generator until one must worry that music fans will snap their necks. Black Cyclone is next, bringing another element to the table, this time the guitars take charge and slash through the chaos to bring perfection.

Falling Star moves between absolute demon of a song, and epicness, bringing multi-pronged attacks in the vocals and the guitar parts. Beast Battalion is brutal. Whilst IAH is a lesson in a speed metal masterclass. The band truly aren’t holding back here, and the record benefits from it. It is encouraging to see such perfection from such a new and upcoming band.

Under Your Hoof is a song that will go down very well live, bringing elements of classic eighties metal with a modern tinge. Death By Crushing is the same, another quality song, that brings metal to the forefront of the modern age. This Is It is fast and furious and rounds up the album well.

The album comes out on 27th April 2018 via Gates of Hell Records. Be sure to purchase it.