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Beyond The Black-Heart Of The Hurricane Review

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Hysteria comes in with a big riff, pounding and pulsating, the atmosphere for the rest of the album is set almost immediately, a frenzy and a gallop, the vocals are enticing and haunting. Heart Of The Hurricane, the title track is another song that comes in with a big fat riff, and continues in epicness with the vocals soaring to their heart’s content. Through The Mirror brings some interesting changes slowing down to become a melody and a dance through the eternity. Million Lightyears is harmonising, with hints of Nightwish, the guitars are in the background, giving the vocals the leading role, and boy do they shine. Song For The Godless combines grit, power, and atmosphere to make it perhaps one of the most epic songs in the year. Escape From The Earth is haunting, slowly building up to reach a crescendo, ensuring that the listener is hooked throughout. Beneath A Blackened Sky is epic, pulsating with energy, growling from sheer delight and ensuring that the listener is hooked from the get go.

Fairytale of Doom is a pounding and mesmerising masterpiece, cut from a dark cloth and shaped with elements of Nightwish and Epica, but with Beyond The Black delivering a solid thump in their classic style. My God Is Dead, is a mournful but also solidly attacking piece, built on ground work and solid melodies, enchanting. Dear Death swaggers, the riffs delivering some very interesting changes, the vocals are powerful, hauntingly so, ensuring the listener is hooked from the moment they start. Scream For Me is slow, haunting, and dark, the melodies and instrumentation add to this sensation, making it quite clear, just where the band is going, a powerful statement. Freedom is an anthem, a call to life, with twists and turns that are featured quite prominently. Breeze is slow, an interesting melody, with a hopeful dint to it, ensuring the listener is made to feel incredibly hopeful, but also with an edge of despair. Echo From The Past is a driving groove, with power, and movement, producing absolute certainty alongside haunting uncertainty. Parade comes in slow, driving, pounding and exceptional, something that is surely to be an interesting song live.

The album is out on 31st August, via Napalm Records.


Beyond The Black

Beyond The Black Interview

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I spoke to Jennifer from Beyond the Black earlier today about the band and their upcoming album:


  1. What inspired the name of the band and what are your influences?



Beyond the Black came from when we were brainstorming the songs we were writing at the time, there was a lot of nice contrasts between hard guitars and voices, and light voices and melodies, the dark and the light, so Beyond the Black reflects that name perfectly! As for influences, I was always influenced by powerful female voices such as Whitney Houston, Amy Winehouse, Floor Jansen and Hayley Williams. As for the band, there are a lot of different influences, like Backstreet Boys, Ghost and Queen to name a few.”




  1. What’s the writing process like for the band, and what themes did you explore on the new album?


Usually we jam together, and take it from there. For the new record, I spoke to the guys and asked them to send me demos of the stuff they wanted to write and record. I ended up with about thirty demos of different styles, and heard how they wanted to write. We went from there, and eventually brought it before the producer and worked it out completely. As for themes, we focused on the important things like love and death, the things you think about as a person.”


  1. What songs are you most looking forward to playing on the new album?


We’ve started playing the singles Heart of the Hurricane and My God Is dead already, and they’ve gotten a good response. I guess it will depend on the rehearsals and also how the songs are received live.”


  1. What plans do you have for the future?


“We’re going to be doing a small release tour with four shows in Germany, then we’re doing the festival run, with appearances at Full Metal Cruise and Full Metal Holiday, then we’ve got a support tour planned, and a European headline