Bedlem-Back To Bedlem Review

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“GSpot,” swaggers into being with some fascinating riffs, and the arrangements of the song as a whole are fascinating, they bring a sense of depth and grace to the whole thing. “Chaos,” is a headbanger’s dream. The riffs are so crystal clear, and clean cut, that everything else just melds together. “Avarice,” swaggers through building up and destroying the boundaries. “Epidemic,” a full throttled machine of energy and aggression. “Bethlem,” is a slow build, and a fantastic monster of a song that grooves and growls in equal measure. “Bereft,” builds on the metallic atmosphere of previous songs to deliver an absolute masterclass. “Revelation,” dark and destructive from the start.

“Triumph,” has aggression and desperation written within it. It takes its toll and builds itself back up, building the listener back up with it. “Scorned,” is an interesting song, it veers from one angle to the next, never quite sure of where it will be heading next. This merely adds to the charm and complexity of the whole thing. “Pedicreed,” a song that is filled with aggression and driving riffs, ensures nobody is left wanting. “Violence,” finishes things off with a brutal riff montage.

The album is a masterpiece and is out on 31st October.