BAEST-Danse Macabre Review Review

Crosswhore begins with a fade in before moving into the discordant harmonic riffage that one has come to expect from this band, the vocals come in guttural and brutal. Hecatomb is fast, brutal and mosh pit worthy, expect this song to bring about such scenes when performed live. Danse Macabre, the title track starts with a nice acoustic melody, which adds to the sense that something monstrous is about to come, when it does come it delivers itself in all its heavy glory and brutality. Atra Mors swaggers and grooves right from the off, filled with heaviness and energy.

Messe Macabre is another massive belter of a song, carrying weight and poise all the while, snarling through. Ritual is slower, more thoughtful, carefully arranged to bring out some interesting twists and turns downright furious as the build up begins, screaming into life with ferocity. Vortex continues this build up ensuring that the listener is treated to some much needed brutality in an age when things seem plain. Ego Te Absolvo is furious and epic, with a brutal riff, and some seriously crucial changes in rhythm and delivery.

The album is out on August 17th via Century Media.