Bad As

Bad AS-Midnight Curse Review

BAD As Midnight Curse Cover_small.jpg

“Black Star,” comes thundering in, powering it all around with grooves and pace, ensuring that the listener is immediately hooked. “Midnight Curse,” is an interesting song, diverging from one point to the next, and never quite allowing the listener to pin it down. “Coming Far Away,” slithers around, like an old western that is coming out for prime pastures. “Shadows Of The Night,” moves with intensity and ensures that the listener is on the edge of their seat. “Cause Of My Poetry,” slow and reflective, whilst adding a touch of anger on the edges.

“Dream Fighter,” a rocker and an aggressive number that builds and snarls with pace and grace. “Open Your Mind,” slows things down and makes the band seem like Pantera on stereoids, a huge number. ” At A Sunset,” grooves majorly, and brings some serious energy and grit to proceedings. “This Time,” slows things down and makes it an interesting little ditty. “Dark Element,” is an interesting fusion of different styles.

The album is out on November 30th  via Rockshot Records.