Axe Steeler

Axe Steeler Interview

  1. What inspired the name of the band and what are your influences?


At first the band was going to be called Axe Steel, however, we decided to put “Steeler” at the end (like the song of Judas Priest), we found more attractive to the proposal we wanted to show. As for the inspirations we had bands like Axe Victims (Ger), Axe Witch (Swe) and even our brothers from Italy Axevyper.


The influences in general are many the wave of the NWOBHM, the heavy metal German, Swedish, French not to mention all the heavy metal traditional.


  1. What themes are explored on On The Run and how did you decide on them?


They are very diverse and each one explores its own history, from “Back to Stage” that makes a call or reference to return to scenarios to play metal, to “Battlefield” that goes in search of achieving and reaching our objectives, each song fits perfectly in what we want to show, that’s why they were chosen.


  1. What’s your songwriting process?


In the first instance the music is made, guitar riffs (solos, arrangements), basses and drums; finally the vocal melody, the vocalist has been responsible for impregnating his particular label according to the feeling that the music produces.


  1. Which songs are you looking forward to playing live?


All the songs that are on our first album, are 8 in total and we will release it under the German label IRON SHIELD RECORDS on September 7, so do not forget to contact us to get your copy and play it at a damn high volume!


  1. What plans do you have for the future?


For now sharing the stage with great heavy metal legends such as GLACIER, PILEDRIVER and MEDIEVAL STEEL, in addition to the powerful bands that adorn the poster of JAGUAR FEST II, in a more future plan we have to work on new songs for what would be the second album.

Axe Steeler

Axe Steeler- On The Run Review

Back To The Stage begins with the roar of the crowd and moves into a fast paced, anthemic, roaring rocker of a song that allows the guitars to soar and the vocals to preen. Hellrider is grooving, with ballsy riffs, and some truly dank vocal performances. Axe of Steel is frenetic, chaotic and downright awesome, this will be a song to get the blood pumping when performed live. Beyond The Stars is slower, more thoughtful, with the piano interlude adding extra depth and feeling to proceedings.

On The Run is fast, furious and downright aggressive, high energy and truly metal at its best. Storm is heavy, with a soaring riff, and epic melodic breakdown. Over The Top is fast, grooving and snarling. Battlefield is a fitting closing track, filled with heavy riffs, soaring melodies and a pounding groove.

The album is out Seventh September via Iron Shield Records.