Attika-When Heroes Fall

“Filming The Tragedy,” comes barrelling out with that duel guitar lead, it continues through with a blinding light that encapsulates more voice and vision. “Silent Rage,” is a vociferous song with blinding lights and melodies. “When Heroes Fall,” moves with grace and power, and roars into light. “Prisoners of Habit,” another song that ventures into all powerful territory. “Hollow Grave,” is a thrasher that moves with grace and plenty.

“Deliverer,” moves with a flourish and a sign of grace and furvor. “Seventh Sign,” is another song that takes the bait and lines with anger and power. “The Shame,” is a big number. One that leaves no one in doubt as to the temerity of its strength. “Black Rose,” is bombastic and powerful.

The album is out on 26th April.