Astrovoltaires-La Quintaesencia de Júpiter Review


“Manifesto,” kicks things off with an interesting chop and change of melody and instrumentation. It produces some truly grungy feeling whilst sticking true to an element of what makes rock so quintessential. “Hoy,” another song that verges on chaotic, whilst also sticking to trusted melodic patterns. An interesting little number. “Un Gran Oceano,” is a monster of a song. played through the monster of a riff, crossed over with a divergent and possibly chaotic tempo, it truly is an interesting number. “Thrinakia,” another song that verges on the post rock territory. Soothing grooves, with despondent vocal melodies.

“Un Nuevo Sol Naciento,” a song that verges on the interesting, the complex and the difficult. It certainly verges between one element and the next; never quite letting the listener know where it is going to finish. “Arrebol,” is a song that diverges and dips between one end and another. It truly captures the listener’s attention, whilst also allowing some small divergences. “La Quintasencia de Jupiter,” is chaotic, frenetic and downright mesmerising. Producing sounds that should not realistically be possible, it combines everything together. “Mas Alla de Hiperboreo,” is an interesting look into the differing psyches of the human mind. Part chaos, part interesting side not. A fitting finale.

The album is out on September 14th via Slow Burn Records.