Ashbury-Eye Of The Stygian Witches Review

HRR660 Cover.indd

This lost eighties band, brought back to life through reissues, and now through a new album, might just be a find for the year.

End Of All Time is a great haunting rocker, with the guitars bringing the song forward, whilst the vocals push and pull the listener in one direction or another. Good Guitar is a rocker, a driving rhythm, and a powerful riff, the vocals are once again on point. Summer Fades Away is a slower, haunting ballad, that isn’t quite within the ballad mentality, it is a deliverance of anything that alternates. Celtic Cross is a nice tribute to the melodies of the old world, bringing some interesting dynamics, and powerful presence within the guitars. Waited So Long has a Jethro Tull feel to it, from the vocals which are mournful and haunting, to the guitars and the tempo of the music going from slow, to powerful in an instant.

Out Of The Blue is a haunting melody, led by a soft guitar melody that leads into a darker hum, the vocals are the leading voice here, producing more powerful Jethro Tull comparisons circa Budapest. Faceless Waters is a rocker, built on a powerful riff with some grit and stomp, the vocals deliver an earth shattering performance. Searchin’ is a dancing melody, produced on the back of a solid one-two groove, that is definitely in the style of the classic blues numbers. Amber Glass is slow, with the southern groove on its mind, and the lyrical content to match, a song that will get the lights out and swaying. Eye Of The Stygian Witches begins with the guitar melody, southern style, it moves into a rocker, with added emphasis on the vocal and guitar duels, the song is simply epic from start to finish. All My Memories is a nice finisher, moving slowly.

The album is out on 28th September via High Roller Records. Be sure to get this record!