Art Thieves

Art Thieves-Russian Rats Review

“Intro,” comes snarling in. Producing that big energy that you need from an opening song. “Proxies,” blares into life. Snarling, dancing and sticking the middle finger up at convention, it leads the way into the dancing punk tradition. “The Untouchables,” has classic rock and roll feelings to it, and this is definitely a song that will get people moving when it is performed live. “I’m Being Watched,” is an interesting little divergence, moving from this side and that, dancing around the edges whilst also producing some seriously catchy melodies. “Things I Want,” dances, snarls and bites with extra bite. “Hate Me Harder,” a song that just grooves from the start to the finish.

“Old Brigade,” dances along the edge, humming along at a sedate pace, whilst also mixing certain things together that would make a punk traditionalist cry with joy. “DIY USA,” another song that simply moves along at a blistering pace. Ensuring that nobody can quite stop with the blistering pace. “Oakland Avenue Punx,” another song that contains edges and a direct groove line on the bass that makes it very, very catchy. “So We’re Being Lied To,” a bandsong a call to arms, a definitive punk track. “The Cops,” is filled with infectious grooves. “This Is Low Art,” a song that dances on the edges of Bruce Springsteen with elements of The Clash thrown in.

The album is out on September 13th via State Line Records.