Armory-The Search Review

Armory_The Search_LP_12.indd

Sweden’s finest thrash metal band are back with a new album, and it starts with a solid one in  The Search, with its dark volume swelled harmonies and the clashing tonation between the riffs and the vocals, which eventually breed the sort of heaviness one would expect. The dance continues throughout. Hyperion is fast and furious, with ancient lore thrown in making things darker, heavier and brutal. Rise Above has some classic thrash riffs, and a furious tempo that keeps things very interesting. Star Voyage is epic, from the shifting space sounds to the slow clean guitar introduction, before it moves into overdrive at brutal speed in Vault Seven. Bringer of Light contains some of the best shredding on the record dancing through melodies, riffs and outright carnage, something that is bound to increase interest.

Heavy Metal Impact sways from lightness to heaviness, through melodies, clanging guitars and dancing vocal parts, something that is sure to get the fans captivated throughout when performed live. The Twin Suns of Solaris dance through with epic riffs, and somewhat disjointed vocal melodies making this a highly fascinating piece of metal history. Utomjordisk Dominans, is fast, filled with breathtaking riffs, and vocals that would make Bathory proud. Polymorphic Intruders dance and sing through its duration, guitars soaring through, vocals raising higher and higher. Hisingen Warriors is pure thrash, dancing riffs and crushing vocals.

The album is out on 13th July via High Roller Records.