Antropomorphia-Merciless Savagery

Antropomorphia - Merciless Savagery.jpg

“Merciless Savagery,” the title track kicks things off and immediately moves into brutality. “Requiem Diabolica,” moves with the wind and produces some fantastic riffs. “Womb Ov Thorns,” moves one way and then another, in an attempt to confuse and befuddle. “Cathedral Ov Tombs,” is eerie. “Apocalyptic Scourge,” sheers and shines with guttural savagery.

“Wailing Chorus Ov The Damned,” slows things down and makes them even more sinister. “Luciferian Tempest,” moves within and without, slowly growing into anger personified. “The Darkest Light,” moves with grace and splendour. “Unsettling Voices,” moves within and delivers a thunderous blow.

The album is out on 5th April via Metal Blade Records.