Annominus-The Architect Review

Annominus  - Cover1RGB-web.jpg

Hailing from Denmark Annonminus is back with an absolutely stellar album. Distinctive is thrashy, solid pounding rhythms, and on point with the vocals. Submertia starts with discordant rhythms, and soaring vocals creating something new and exciting. Nautilus is driving, big and anthemic, a song that will go down with a thump live. Through Perdition, is big on the guitar swells, the jagged rhythms, and the monster vocals of the band. Something that makes this album truly anthemic, and monstrous.

Logos is reminiscent of classic Mastodon, with tremolo and picking to match the feel, a truly trippy and progressive song. Cubic is frenetic, quick paced, and very illuminating, a talking melody and a trippy guitar that would go down well on a very trippy psychedelic night. Faux Maux is another interesting, a discordant trip through the music sphere. Audient Void is classic, soulful guitars and dancing melodies, a fitting closer to this brilliant album.

Be sure to get this album when it is released on 1st June via Mighty Music.