Angel Heart

Angel Heart-Angel Heart Review


Starting with Burning Desire, Angel Heart show why they are hear to stay. The song is big, bombastic and anthemic, a perfect start to the album. Run Away With Me contains symphonic elements in the introduction, before moving into marching territory with the guitars and the drums. I Don’t Need Love is bombastic and ballad esque whilst remaining true to the tones set beforehand. Forever Free is Maiden, with peak vocals and rhythm performance. She is Strong is an anthem, empowering and strong.

My Spirit Will Live On is powerful, the piano compliments the vocals perfectly. Rock Friends is very eighties rock and roll with the driving guitars, and the powerful vocals, anthemic. Worth the Wait is dark, brooding and produces some of the best performances from the band. Sailing Against The Wind is the perfect closing song on the record, a mix of brooding, soaring guitars, and climatic vocals. A perfect finisher for a perfect album.

Be sure to get this album when it is released on 18th May via Mighty Music.