Ancient Oak Consort

Ancient Oak Consort-Hate, War, Love Review


Walking is a piano based serenade and the opening track from this new album by the Italian prog legends Ancient Oak Consort, it is a light number and one sure to get people hooked into the album. Eternal Clash is discordant, a mix of heavy styles and softer melodies that bring about an element of uncertainty and lightness. Love Theme is softer, more melodic and haunting. By The Sea is a haunting acoustic melody, perhaps a siren song, it is that chilling. Diario di Bordo is a mesh of acoustic richness and heavy interludes, the perfect blend. The Heaven’s Lie is a galloping mosh pit of a song, with furious riffs and pounding rhythms and melodies.

Sweetly is a haunting melodic ballad, filled with soaring vocals and the soothing tones of the acoustic guitar. Men Fighting For is a dancing little jig, a song that keeps the listener intrigued and hooked, as the vocals dance and shake about the melodies. Love Theme 2 is a slightly darker take, with the piano and the guitars filling out in the minor key. Barcarola is soft, the wind instruments add to the sense that one is listening to the musings of an enchanted being. The Race is dark, grooving and moving, with the guitars adding some panache and zealousness to the show. Will You Remember is a mix of lightness and darkness, filled in with haunting melodies.

The Letter is soft, a nice little movement on the acoustic guitar, shivering and shaking through various strands and ensuring that things come out very, very different. Sick Dream is an onslaught of heaviness, the guitars slither, the drums pound and the vocals are snarling. Epilogue is different, a mix of some classic flamenco guitar playing and some darker sentiments that belie the class within. Love Theme 3 sees the acoustic guitar take the lead, shaping this third instalment as a mix between serenade and ballad. Ninna Ninna is a haunting melodic song, with the female lead taking things from strength to strength, and ensuring the listener is kept hooked.

The album is out now via Revalve Records.